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I was in class 4th,when instead of doing a written practice, i pen down two poems with topic “Ghadi” (Watch)  & “Veer Putra is Mati ke(Brave sons of Mother India). God knows how those poems got written, but after receiving appreciation from My Music teacher, Mrs Pathak, i continued writing poems which eventually became my passion & hobby. Received numerous School & inter school prizes for my poems, did few Radio programs & my poems got space in local magazines. My school & college friends were my first audiences & because of their love, appreciation & recognition, my passion for poetry remained unchanged. My poetic Anchoring in college programs was huge hit & boosted my confidence.

After completion of B.Pharmacy, i started my career in pharmaceutical industry & now positioned as Business Head in a reputed company, based in Delhi. On one fine day my wife recited an old poem of mine among her colleagues. The topic of poem was ” Ladki ki Shadi” (Marriage of a Girl).  After listening this poem, one of her senior colleague started crying. She was a doctorate in Hindi & told my wife that she has read a fair number of Hindi literature but never found something touching her so deep. She asked my wife to publish my poetry. My friends always persuaded me to publish my work but this particular incident convinced my to go for it. I stand no where in the league of Hindi poets, Shayar’s & authors. Its just that Mother India is so fertile in Hindi literature that it can grow innumerable crops of creative Hindi/Urdu passionates. “Hawa si Bahati hai, pani sa machalti hai, Aag si Jalti hai, khushboo si mahaktti hai, aawaz-e-dil ki hai kaifiyat khuchh juda, mausam koi bhi ho, har haal samajhti hai.