Are the Stories really important ?

If they are just for entertainment or real knowledge source ? Children needs stories,why adults don’t need them ?

Let we go one by one.

Stories are the world’s common platform for universal knowledge.You go to any part of the world & you can experience different stories giving common knowledge lessons.Till the time of toddlers to teenagers we have wide variety of stories available with us.but once we reach adulthood & get busy in daily mundane of Life,we go away from the stories.reasons are we complain that we don’t get time as life becomes busy in education,jobs,relationships,family & making money,but if i say that stories can help you in all these complicated stages of life ?

What are stories ?

As we need a balanced diet to keep our body healthy,similarly Stories are the diet of our subconscious mind.You must have noticed that some individuals takes better decisions whenever they struck in some complications of life ? In the fiercely competitive professional world,why some individuals looks fairly comfortable ? Its basically because of the decision taken by subconscious mind.Now how the subconscious mind takes decisions.It take decisions from the experiences & knowledge it has kept in its cell without being a part of memory.but how the mind chooses that ? Human brain is an amazing organ.Its functioning can certainly mesmerizes anyone.It keeps the good, Bad & negative experiences in the memory but hide the positive,problem solving lessons in the subconscious even if you have read a good story in your childhood,its lesson would have kept in the subconscious mind safely.And whenever you came across any difficulty in life,your subconscious mind helps you in taking better decisions.

Yes Stories are for entertainment,& they are doing it from the day when no other medium of entertainment were available.But the primary objective of stories is to help us in becoming learned individuals.The modern education also stresses upon practical knowledge.The stories,carries an experience in them.Whenever you read or listen a story,you becomes a part in the story,& every experiences in the story,becomes ones personal experience,and the lesson learnt in the story,safely preserves by the subconscious mind to take right decisions in the future. So we need stories throughout our Life.

The idea is exchanges of stories.The world doesn’t lack in the story collection but perform badly in their exchanges.we need stories exchange group for each age groups which can meet once a month,& exchange a story.Just imagine a group of 10 people,exchanges just one story in a month,can be helpful in getting knowledge from 10 stories.You remember or forgets,doesn’t matter,Stories will preserve in your subconscious mind for FOREVER.

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