So, how about having a Audi/BMW as your vehicle, having a huge house in a posh locality, having hefty bank balances & holidays in exotic global locations. Good idea, in fact sheer thought of these things gives pleasures. Life is well lived if we have pleasures around us. When we get in love with someone, […]


Bright side of being bored

We all feel boredom in almost everything we do. When we get bore in anything,then its difficult to continue with it.we either leave that boring thing or continue with it with a heavy heart.Our excitement,interest,energy,enthusiasm or positivity,all gets killed in order to continue with the boring work or boring relationship.When we leave the boring thing […]

gilhari ke gullak

Fuloon ki holi a story from my book “Gilhari Ki Gullak”

Fuloon ki holi – The idea of this story is to create awareness among our children about water conservation & to stop its wastage.The story revolves around a jungle where their water reservoir has limited water & the festival of holi is in front of them.With collective wisdom the animals of the jungle saved their […]

Gilhari ki Gullak a story from my book

Gilhari ki Gullak – The story revolves around two twin squirrel sisters & their spending & saving habits.  Learnings from the story – The key idea of this story is to cultivate a habit in our children to save money for the future needs.The story also make our children learn the benefits of curbing our […]

Ghazal from my book “BANDISH”


Origin of Desire of preferring Male child over Girl Child

Just think of primitive time,when human beings came in to existence after series of evolutionary changes.At that time,the women were considered most magical & powerful because of their power of giving birth.At that time they didn’t know the relation between Sexual activity & pregnancy.For them,this was a divine act & women enjoyed special status for […]

“Duniyadari” a Ghazal from my book “Bandish”

This Ghazal highlights the struggle of modern day lives & how sometime we get trapped in the complexities of life. The word “Shazar” in the ghazal means “Tree” . Duniyadari a ghazal from my book “Bandish”  You can check more about “Bandish” here


Are the Stories really important ?

If they are just for entertainment or real knowledge source ? Children needs stories,why adults don’t need them ? Let we go one by one. Stories are the world’s common platform for universal knowledge.You go to any part of the world & you can experience different stories giving common knowledge lessons.Till the time of toddlers […]