Bright side of being bored

We all feel boredom in almost everything we do. When we get bore in anything,then its difficult to continue with it.we either leave that boring thing or continue with it with a heavy heart.Our excitement,interest,energy,enthusiasm or positivity,all gets killed in order to continue with the boring work or boring relationship.When we leave the boring thing behind & takes up a new thing then same boredom starts there also,the only difference may be is how fast or how late it starts but Boredom is a reality & we can’t escape from it.

Just look around us & you can see a galaxy of entertainment options,all kinds of education & jobs,all kind of relationships & all kind of travel options.This is one of the finest time in which we are living.But look at the satisfaction level around us,nobody is satisfied.some are bored of education,jobs,friends,relationship & everything else.We move on to try different things but ultimately gets only boredom in our hands.So if the new age boredom is an epidemic?? What is the solution??

Children gets bored easily

Well i don’t know the solution but there is certainly a bright side to boredom also.Children gets bored easily.They can’t play boredwith┬átheir toys for hours or can do painting for hours,they needs something else to kill their boredom.Just look at this state closely,when in this bored state you introduce a new thing to kids,they took keen interest in it & try to learn it.So feeling bored is a natural trigger when our mind & body tells us they need change & are prepared to learn or try a new thing.but please wait here.boredom of children & adults are different.Children have to see the world & they should be exposed to different things to choose areas of their interest but boredom of adults is different they just can’t shun their responsibilities or can run away from a thing just because they are getting bored in to it.

When adults gets bored then

When adults gets bored then its the perfect time to introduce a change in the ongoing things, be it job,education or relationship.just feel happy when you gets bored & bring some change in that will feel joyous & more prepared to takes up challenges.Be it love,marriage,friends or any other relationships,whenever feels bored,add some changes or introduce some Newer things in it,this exercise may not bring you great results but definitely it will make your heart lighter & will help you in dealing with the things in a better way.any change is a learning & change should be introduced when we feel bored as its the most fertile time to see the fruits of our change otherwise even the fertile land yields nothing if we seeds don’t sown in to it.Whenever feel monotonous in job,education or relationship,in place of taking up radical steps,just introduce some changes in to it,i am sure you will be happy with the outcomes.

Nature is always at work,& always brings the changes with it.even no summer,winter,spring or Autumn season is same.every times it looks new & the learning is that we need not to change our jobs,education or relationship to kill the boredom but if we treat boredom as a trigger for change & if we bring necessary changes in our monotonous acts then even the same routine things also will not make us bore but will make us HAPPY Precisely.