So, how about having a Audi/BMW as your vehicle, having a huge house in a posh locality, having hefty bank balances & holidays in exotic global locations. Good idea, in fact sheer thought of these things gives pleasures. Life is well lived if we have pleasures around us. When we get in love with someone, the idea of love gives us pleasure & happiness. But pursuing of pleasures plays a hindrance in happiness. Pleasures & happiness are intermixed, like water & milk. Its difficult to separate water from milk, but if the content of water increases in the milk, then it minimizes the nutrition.
Sex is a way of happiness. It gives us pleasure moments & ultimate aim of it is to make us happy. But pleasures come at a price. The pleasures ask for more pleasures. Those who don’t have access to sex, they crave for it. When they get a partner for sex, it gives them joy, pleasure & happiness. But after some time, we fantasize of having different sex partners to have more pleasures. Fantasizing is very natural phenomenon. Throughout our life we have different kind of fantasises. There is nothing wrong in having sexual fantasies, but problem arises when we give consent to our fantasies. The persuasions of those fantasies give birth to expectations, failures, disheartening & associated complications. Healthy sex lives with faithful commitments gives a way to happiness via pleasures.
Times have really changed. Now when we go on vacations, we capture the holidays in our camera pictures. First we would like to declare at social sites about our travel plans then we try for the best pose for ourselves so that we can get maximum likes & comments. And there is nothing wrong to follow that path. We share our travel plans & pics to get happiness. But then we start counting the numbers of likes & comments. Why my friend is getting 100 likes, why my friends do not like my pics in big numbers, these are the question which destroys our happiness. We should feel happy when we update our status, when we share our thoughts & pics, but comparisons, expectations & jealousy, kills our happiness there.
When we purchase our dream home & car as per our needs & resources, they give us happiness, but if we start comparing it with others, it gives slow poison to our happiness. When our friends, relatives earn less than us, we feel happy, but if they earn more than us, we don’t feel happy.
So what is the idea of happiness? I think, happiness is very much personal. No one can actually quantify the happiness. Its the feel beyond expression of words. We can’t be happy if our happiness rides on the shoulders of others. What others feel, react or behave, is none of our business. Let we respect our happiness. Let we work for it. Let we make ourselves happy. There is no liability on others to make us happy. They are in search of their own happiness. Your life, live your way. There will be mistakes, dilemmas, moral issues & indecisions, but life will keep moving. Happiness will be our personal property. No one is going to build that property for us. we need to make it for ourselves. If we keep asking for approvals from others for our own happiness, then we are bound to get disappointments only. It’s our own responsibility to keep ourselves happy.
Be Happy, Enjoy the Life.