Origin of Desire of preferring Male child over Girl Child

Just think of primitive time,when human beings came in to existence after series of evolutionary changes.At that time,the women were considered most magical & powerful because of their power of giving birth.At that time they didn’t know the relation between Sexual activity & pregnancy.For them,this was a divine act & women enjoyed special status for it.But This process of giving birth has ceased the mobility of women as they need to stay at their habitat in the days of menstruation, pregnancy & child care.As the women remained stationed at one place for a very long time,they deeply observed the development of vegetation & tried to eat leaves,fruits,seeds & roots of plants out of hunger.

This change in eating habit from being carnivorous to herbivorous,has helped in gaining knowledge about plantation & women started growing plants near their dwelling place to end their hunger woes.

When males got information about it,they also got comfortable in plantations than to a tedious,unpredictable & dangerous work of hunting animals.

This co- living took shapes in the form of family & male & female partners starting living together at one place.Over the years some intelligent minds among them observed that pregnancy happened because of male & female living together.As female who didn’t get in contact with male didn’t show any sign of pregnancy.Further its concluded that pregnancy happens because of seminal discharge from the males.From here the males get some importance as up to now they considered only female of in possession of such powers.

As the human species change its occupation from hunting to plantations & move in to families.Newer human colonies were formed & division of work took place between male & female.Female needs to take care of home & children while male have to perform work at the field & needs to arrange dry woods as the fuel.As the fertility rate among humans were high,the population exploded & requirements for food peaked & to meet this demand they needed more hands to work in the fields.This was the first time when preference for male child developed.

One more change happened in the society at that time.Land Boundaries were laid down to protect ones food & cattles.These primary boundaries becomes villages,towns & countries depending upon their size & power.

save girlSoon quarrel started between the boundaries because of various reasons & the battlefields experienced bloody fights.Because of the physical strength & vigor of males,battles turns out to be an only male bastion.Now the male has got utmost importance as the battles becomes inevitable.& because of the injuries in the battlefield,some intelligent minds becomes primary physicians & surgeons.They started primary schools to impart two kind of knowledge to the male children.One was to make them battle ready & secondly to teach them how to treat the injured ones.

This was the time when males hijacked all the importance in the society & the females confined to home only.

The society re drawn the family codes,& the male heirs given all the rights in the society.The families got recognition after its head & assets was named to the males & pass on to the next male child born in the family.

Since the properties linked with male heads,because of it female were forced to beget only male child to claim on the properties.This was the time when female child deemed inferior to the male childs because of the reasons stated above.

Hundreds of years has passed since that time,the society has changed,mode of occupation & education has changed,property rights has changed & even the battlefields has changed but our primitive mindset has still harboring the desire of having a male child.Educated or uneducated hardly makes any difference as we all have common ancestors in the past.Till the time we don’t shed this primitive & illogical desire of preferring male child over girls now the society will not progress.

Explore your inner self,a desire may have hidden somewhere in your heart, of preferring a male child,onus is on you to make your desire understand that this is a changed world where any differentiation between male or female would be disastrous.

I am sure after reading the above stuff,you will be full equipped to satisfy all the questions of your hidden DESIRES. Share your views on comments below